How do we start working together?

You can call, email, or book an initial discovery call to see if we’re likely to be a good fit. Let us know what you’re struggling with and what you’d like to achieve with your marketing. Then, we’ll quote for the work you need.

Once you accept the quote we can get started with nothing to pay upfront (unless you’re kicking off a very large project, in which case we’ll ask for a deposit).

For the majority of clients, we’ll get to work within a week, and your first invoice will arrive at the beginning of the following month.

What if it doesn’t work out?

We’d love the chance to get to know each other for a few months to see if we're a good fit, but if after that time you feel it’s not working out, we can part ways.


You’re not tied into any ongoing contract – we work with simple month-to-month invoicing.


A month’s notice is much appreciated, and we will send you a final invoice for any remaining work completed to date.

What is your process for writing content?

Our Calm Content Process aims to take the workload off you as much as possible and provides a structured framework to keep things moving through the pipeline.


When we're writing articles for you, we prefer to get as much as we can down on paper and then have you review it for accuracy, rather than presenting you with a blank white page and saying ‘tell us what we should write about’.


If you have a list of ideas or a few topics to kick off with, that’s great! If not, we can brainstorm this together.


Then, you can leave us to it knowing that you’ll receive articles that are 90% complete with very minimal feedback required by you.


The whole point of outsourcing your content writing is to remove the mental load of worrying about what your next blog topic should be.


We shoulder that load for you so you can go from spending hours trying to put a good blog post together to a 2 minute read-through of an article that’s virtually complete.

Do I have to share my company goals with you?

No, but it helps. Understanding where your business is now vs where you want to be will help us craft the right type of content to help get you there.


For example, if you want to expand into a new market over the next 3 years, this is important for us to know, as we can start to build this into how we write and what we write about.


Likewise, shifts in your product mix to promote a higher margin item or specific revenue targets will give us that ‘north star’ to orient your marketing towards.


You don’t have to share specific numbers, but general goals are always very helpful.

Do you price by the hour, the word, the article or the project?

Remembering that content marketing is a long-term play, we usually offer a set monthly price for specific deliverables.


This may be presented as $X for 4 SEO-friendly articles per month, or $X for 12 hours of marketing support across a range of different tasks. Your quote is unique to you - we're not interested in forcing you into a 'package' full of things you don't need. 


We never price by the word - you’ll find this encourages writers to be unnecessarily wordy because the longer the article, the more they get paid. Length is important for SEO but not at the expense of clarity and simplicity.


If you need copywriting for your website (eg: your home, about and product pages), we quote this as a project because it has a defined start and end point.


Content writing for your blog is usually ongoing over a longer time frame, so this is quoted as a month to month cost. 

What’s included in the cost of an article?

An article includes internal links to relevant content on your site, external links where appropriate, proper SEO heading structure and any nominated keywords.


Articles are sent to you as an editable Google doc where you’re welcome to make two rounds of changes.


We’re not going to get picky if you have a few small extra changes, however if a piece has been through six sets of eyes at your end and there are many rounds of changes coming through, we'll take care of these at our standard hourly rate.

What packages do you offer (and what if I want something unique)?

A lot of content marketing agencies offer set packages, but we believe every business is different so we’d rather not talk you into something that isn’t right for you.

We can create a custom package for you, for example 4 articles a month for a set cost, but we don’t have a set ‘menu’ to choose from.

Let’s have a chat first about what you want to achieve and we’ll make some recommendations on the best way forward.

Besides, in some instances, you might think you need to do more content marketing, but experience has taught us that not every problem is a content problem. We might even say 'Hey - there are some bigger challenges in your business to address first, so let's look at those before we even think about your content strategy.'

We recommend a free 30-minute discovery call with our head strategist Leonie so we can fully understand what you need and how we can help.

Are your articles SEO friendly?

We always write for humans first - but we also keep SEO front of mind.

This means articles follow a proper heading structure using H1, H2, and H3s; contain internal links to other relevant content on your site; contain keywords or phrases relevant to your business; and use simple conversational language.

Using complex flowery language makes your information difficult to read and understand, especially online. Plus, with the average person reading at an 8th grade level – keeping it simple is key.

Far from ‘dumbing down’ your product or service, talking about it in a conversational way encourages strong understanding and promotes trust and brand affinity with potential customers.

How long does it take to write an article?

If we’re writing about a topic that’s familiar to us, and you’re able to point us to some source material to draw on or places to research online, then it will be faster than writing an article about a totally foreign topic. We typically turn articles around in about 5 days, however forward planning is key!


Because we work with many clients at the same time, we may ‘batch’ work, where we work solidly on your content for a few days to get ahead for the next month. Or we may work on your articles around other short-term project work.


In any case, planning at least a month ahead – and preferably several months – gives us breathing space to ensure we always have the capacity to serve all our clients equally.


And if that sounds overwhelming - don't worry! We're here to help you with the planning aspect too.

What’s the difference between a content writer and a copywriter?

A copywriter generally writes words designed to make people take action, to invoke a feeling or convey an opinion.


A content writer writes words designed to inform, educate and subtly influence behaviour change.


Some people feel really strongly about the difference between copywriting and content writing, but we think there’s a lot of grey area.


And we do both!


Let us know what you want to achieve with your words and we’ll write them in the most appropriate way.

What if I don’t like the articles you write?

We will be sad and cry in our Cornflakes.


Seriously though:


Our standard arrangement includes two rounds of changes for every article. You can change as much as you like, and we encourage honest feedback so we can better align our writing style to your business.


However, we might also challenge you if we believe that the edits aren’t actually in your best interests. Sometimes our clients can be too close to the work, and it’s tricky to separate ‘I don’t like this’ from ‘this isn’t right for my customer’. If you don’t really like it, but it’s right for your customer, does that make it an acceptable article?


Let’s talk it through!


We write a certain way for a reason, so we’re happy to explain why we’ve taken a particular angle or adopted a certain style.


Still don't like it? We'll ask you to pay for the work we have done, but we'll make a serious effort to understand why and ensure our next articles hit the mark.


And, as mentioned above, we work month to month - you're not tied into a contract - so if you really don't like our writing we can part ways easily. 

My business isn't in the industrial sector - can we still work together?

Yes! We work with a wide range of clients, although the vast majority are long-term relationships with industrial, manufacturing and construction businesses.

However, there's often room for one-off projects or smaller ad-hoc jobs amongst our regular schedule. We've worked with finance companies, SaaS and tech startups, food waste warriors, print-on-demand services and many more.

Get in touch and let us know about your business, and if we're not the right fit we're bound to know someone fantastic that we can refer you to! 

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