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Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Freelancer

Freya Oxton-Grant
Content Specialist


  • Freelancers are easy to work with, low risk, and easier to onboard than a full time hire.
  • They typically have specialist skills that can expand the capability of your marketing team.
  • Flexible arrangements are easy with many freelancers working on shorter contracts or month-to-month, meaning you’re not tied into a long term relationship unless you want to be.
  • Because they run their own businesses, freelancers are natural organisers and good at staying on top of tasks and priorities.

Here’s Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Freelancer For Your Industrial Products Business

When faced with an abundance of digital marketing tasks to focus on, a freelance digital marketer can be the key to unlocking your business’s growth potential.

You have an important choice to make: do you continue trying to DIY your marketing, or outsource it to an expert in this field?

A freelancer can not only take the burden off you and your team but also offer you their knowledgeable insight to improve digital marketing strategy.

Here are five important ways a marketing freelancer can transform your industrial and building products business:

  • Save you time
  • Add specialist skills
  • Provide flexibility
  • Low risk
  • Extension of your team
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Save You Time

You and your team’s workloads are sure to already be full, so the less urgent tasks that come with a comprehensive marketing plan can unfortunately be put to the back of the queue.

Hiring a freelancer who can take control of the situation, and stay on top of your marketing, will prevent your in-house team from becoming burnt out.

You might also have a smaller project in the pipeline, that isn’t large enough to justify a new hire, but would more than certainly disrupt your staff’s ongoing tasks. By hiring a freelancer, you can rely on them to get the job done without having to pull your team away from their important work.

Then, if an ongoing partnership is what you’re both happy with, you can continue the relationship for open-ended support.

Finally, time is a valuable thing and when it’s used for admin and the specifics of a project, it can often feel like a waste. By hiring an external expert, you can trust in their ability to manage the details of your digital marketing, sparing you the mental strain and allowing you to spend time on the high-level tasks that really require your time and attention.

Add Specialist Skills

Most marketing managers have worked their way up the ranks meaning they have a broad range of skills they can draw from.

But when it comes to the broad spectrum of responsibilities digital marketing covers, it isn’t hard to see why hiring a freelancer who is a specialist can be a major bonus for your business.

You may think however, how is a freelancer better than outsourcing to a digital marketing agency?

The key weakness of most larger agencies is that it’s often the senior leaders who hold the expertise in those businesses, but the junior workforce who actually end up doing the grunt work. When hiring a freelancer, you can more effectively assess the capabilities of the specific person who is delivering your work.

Provide Flexibility

Working with a freelancer means you can benefit from an adaptable, flexible and reliable contractor who often can offer fast turnarounds. Planning ahead is an important element of any outsourced relationship in order to respect each other’s time.

However, freelancers are often able to work around scheduling issues if something urgent comes up. This is also a key benefit of freelancers over agencies, who mostly have long turn-around times due to complex processes and internal hierarchy.

Moreover, when it comes to quick updates, you don’t want to have to communicate through a chain of people before they can action your request.

Working with a freelancer means you have someone who is much more integrated into your team so quick edits and updates can be communicated quickly and clearly one to one.

Low Risk

When considering a freelancer, one aspect they definitely come out on top with is reduced risk. Choosing a freelancer over hiring in-house or signing a contract with an agency means you can work on a project-to-project work schedule without being fully tied into anything.

Freelancers offer the perfect balance of cost and risk: they are more affordable than a new hire but also much less hassle when it comes to having to terminate the relationship.

However, with most freelancers I’m sure you’ll discover they soon go above and beyond your expectations, so you won’t have ever to go through that!

Extension of your Team

A digital marketing freelancer is an extension of your marketing team. They can quickly learn the intricacies of your unique and complex industrial building products and services and marry this with simple and proven digital marketing techniques.

Overall, freelancers can add extraordinary value to your team. Their outside perspective, coupled with their expertise and insight, can provide constant fresh ideas.

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Why You Should Work With Us

Transforming your digital marketing starts with approaching your challenges from a new angle. If you are someone who is actively trying to supercharge your business, hiring a freelancer could be the key!

Freelancers are, by nature, incredible project managers and timekeepers meaning they can manage a complex project from start to finish.

This means you can rest easy and you don’t need to worry about micromanaging your freelancer – you can rest assured they have your marketing under control and on track.

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