how to refresh a sales and service page

Before and after: refreshing a service page

leonie waldron
Leonie Waldron
Head Strategist


  • This blog post covers how we refreshed a service page for our Penirth air compressor client, Focus Industrial, in conjunction with our friends at One West Design & Media in Emu Plains
  • A service page is designed to hone in on a single topic and ‘sell the dream’.
  • It is typically a standalone page that covers the details, benefits and facts related to the offer, and addresses any potential concerns.
  • It’s designed to nudge the reader to take action by filling out a form, clicking a link, downloading a booklet or (for e-commerce stores) buying a product.

Refreshing a service page – step by step

The Problem

Focus Industrial is a Penrith-based specialist in compressed air systems, looking after system design, installation and maintenance of compressors and pipework. 

Our friends at One West Design & Media had identified that Google Ads running to Focus’s service page were not converting as well as they could. The One West team wanted to redesign the page to ensure it captured the user’s attention and encouraged people clicking through from Ads to convert by filling in the contact form or calling the emergency breakdown hotline. 

The Fix

Take a look at the below clip for a walk-through of how we worked together to give this page more impact, a better design, and a more effective use of calls to action. 

Anatomy of a service page

This service page follows a specific format. Although every business is different, this can be used as a guide for your own service pages.

First up: a big claim that offers real value

If your air compressor has a catastrophic failure at 2am, the Focus Industrial guys will be there to fix it before the sun comes up. If your ability to run equipment depends on compressed air, every minute of downtime is costing you money, so we’ve made a big deal of the 4 hour turnaround and 24/7 availability of the repair crew. 

Next: supporting claims that tick both rational and emotional boxes 

No stress maintenance plans, a quantifiable number of happy customers, and a nod to reliability covers the emotional hooks. We’re building trust by mentioning social proof, and also appealing to the audience’s rational side with cost-effective claims and an offer of a free system analysis. 

Next: a bit more detail

If the reader is nodding along, we want to give them a quick ‘who we are and what we do’ overview. These 3 dark blue panels cover the main service pillars, each written in a way that allays any subconscious fears of being ripped off or choosing a supplier that isn’t a good fit. 

Then: exactly what our service involves

The 4 columns of ticked items show just how detailed the Focus Industrial service program is. The reader thinks ‘wow, OK – these guys know their stuff’. 

The kicker: ‘save big dollars like company X’

This panel draws the reader’s attention to another business that saved a whopping $36K by tapping into Focus’s expertise. 

Next: confirmation that yes, we service every brand

One of the business’s key differentiators is that they service every brand under the sun. This small visual panel of logos acts as a positive mental note for the reader, confirming that this great service offer is available to them regardless of what brand of air compressor they’ve got. 

Next: geographical limits

This is an important rational point to include: make it easy and visual, showing the reader that you’re in their area and can travel to their workshop. Focus Industrial is based in Penrith but their service team travel quite a distance to for their customers. 

Finally: an emotive call to action and contact form

‘Stop wasting money’ taps into our loss aversion bias – the loss felt from potentially paying too much for energy bills is a powerful motivation to encourage the reader to share their contact details. 

sales page layout template

Before & After

Use the slider to see how the new copy and design elements come together to really elevate the page. 

old sales pagesales page layout template
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Does your service page need a makeover? 

We can help.

We’ll listen to your challenges and understand the problem, then get to work solving it with effective copywriting and smart design. Contact us to get started – our head strategist Leonie specialises in copywriting and is based in Penrith